This guide provides an overview of tutorials and training available for the Zoom features most commonly used by Extension. Note that the how-to information for using Zoom is well documented and easily available through either Penn State IT or Zoom.

For Extension-specific guidance on using Zoom webinars for public events, please see the Extension Zoom Planning and Hosting Guide.

Access and Install Zoom

For those new to Zoom, first-time use requires installation of the Zoom app. See the following resources for accessing Zoom through Penn State and installing the app, along with system requirements.

Basic Zoom Features and Setup

Zoom Webinars and Zoom Meetings have different functions and tools for interacting with participants. Typically Extension uses Zoom Webinars for sharing presentations with large groups of the public, whereas Meetings are intended for smaller, more interactive, often internal team events. Both Webinars and Meetings have in common the basic feature to share your screen with participants to deliver presentations and lectures; they offer different modes of interaction with participants, detailed below. Both Webinars and Meetings can be scheduled in advance and  have options that can be set up in advance through your Penn State Zoom account.

Webinar Features and Usage

Meeting Features and Usage

Access Your Zoom Recording

When you record a Zoom Webinar or Meeting, you can access your recording in Kaltura, Penn State's video and media management platform.

Additional Training and Support

Penn State IT provides extensive guidance and Zoom training, and there is also documentation, training and support available through Zoom.   

Penn State Resources

Zoom Resources