This document details how to publish a recorded Zoom webinar to the Penn State Extension website.

See Penn State Extension Webinars - Planning and Hosting a Webinar for information on first requesting and hosting a webinar and planning the product strategy.

Access Zoom Webinar Recordings in Kaltura

Once you have finished recording a Zoom webinar, provided you have selected Record to Cloud, your recording will be uploaded automatically to Zoom's cloud service and to the My Media page in your Kaltura Media Space.

Important note: Zoom will send you an email once your recording is finished uploading and in this email are two links; ignore these links; instead proceed with the instructions below, going to the Kaltura Media Space.

Publish your recorded Webinar on the Extension website

To publish a recorded webinar on the Extension website, first you'll need to share the recording in Kaltura with the Digital Education team so they can:

  • process closed captions for the video in order to meet accessibility standards
  • review the webinar for branding, copyright and recording quality standards

Follow these instructions to grant the Digital Education team access to your recorded webinar.

  1. Log into your Kaltura Media Space, and go to your My Media page.
  2. Find your recording and click the Edit button, this will bring you to the Video Details page.
    a. These next steps are extremely important, as they will allow the Digital Education team to make any fixes needed to your recording.
  3. Name your recording using the following naming convention:
    a. [Course and/or Webinar Name]: Webinar on [Date]
    Example: Making Awesome Videos: Webinar on 1.1.19
  4. Add Webinar (and any other relevant words) to the Tags text box.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click the Collaboration tab.
  7. Under Media Collaborators, click the Add Collaborator button.
    a. A new pop-up will appear asking you to enter the user ID ( and to select the permissions you'd like to give. You will need to add 1 collaborator, with the permissions co-editor / co-publisher.
  8. Enter the user ID (this is Keri Griffin, the multimedia specialist from the Digital Education team) and check the co-editor and co-publisher permissions. Then press Add.

    If done correctly, you should see the names, user ID's, and permissions of the people you've added underneath the Media Collaborators section. (Note: if you've accidentally added the wrong person you can remove them as a collaborator by pressing the x button in the column to the right of Permissions.)

  9. Submit a Communications and Marketing Request form to let the Digital Education team to know that your webinar has been recorded and shared via Kaltura. (At this time, Kaltura does not notify people that have become a collaborator on a video; therefore, you must notify them.) Please provide the webinar name, date, and Kaltura link.

The Digital Education team will review your webinar recording and verify the branding, copyright and image credits, and recording quality. We will also have the video close-captioned for accessibility. Someone from the team will be in touch with you via email if there are questions about content or copyright. Once the Digital Education team has completed their steps, they will email you instructions regarding posting your webinar recording on the Penn State Extension website.

Share Webinar ONLY with people who attended the live webinar

Follow these instructions to share your webinar only with people who attended the live webinar.

  1. Log into your Kaltura Media Space and go to your My Media page.
  2. Find your recording and check the small checkbox to the left of the video thumbnail.
  3. With the checkbox of the recording you'd like to share checked, click Actions.
    The Actions button is located above your media on the My Media page. It is on the right side of the webpage.
  4. In the Actions dropdown menu, click + Publish.
  5. You will be brought to a new screen that gives you three publishing options:
    1. Private - Media page will be visible to content owner only.
    2. Unlisted - Media page will be visible to anyone with a link to the page.
    3. Published - Media page will be visible to individuals according to entitlements on published destinations.
  6. Select Unlisted as your publishing option.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Go to your My Media page again.
  9. Find your recording and click on the title.
  10. Click on Share (located below the recording).
  11. Copy the Link to Media Page. This is the link to share with your webinar participants.