Learn how to plan for and execute a successful webinar for Extension customers. Processes and best practices are included for planning, hosting, delivering, and recording.

Note: These guidelines are intended for webinars that are delivered to the public and our Penn State Extension customers. Visit Ag ITs how-to documentation for setting up webinars and virtual meetings for internal use, such as team meetings. 

Planning and Hosting an Extension Webinar

What do you need to know before planning a Zoom webinar event for Extension? Learn about what to think about as you are planning your webinar or meeting, how to set up the event in Cvent, how to design an Extension-branded PPT, and more.

Zoom Resource Guide

This guide provides an overview of tutorials and training available for the Zoom features most commonly used by Extension. Note that the how-to information for using Zoom is well documented and easily available through either Penn State IT or Zoom.

Zoom Meetings vs. Webinars

View the differences between Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars so you can make the right choice before planning and scheduling your Extension event.

Best Practices for Teaching and Presenting in a Webinar

How can you approach webinars as an effective teaching tool? Webinars can be effective for outreach and education; they enable us to reach out to teach, share information, and even create connection and community with customers we might not otherwise be able to meet in person.

Processing a Webinar Recording

This document details how to process a recorded Zoom webinar for sharing with participants or publishing on the Extension website.

Copyright and Image Use Guidelines for Presenters

PDF document, 449.5 KB

Reference and share this PDF guide for copyright and image use with your webinar presenters. All presenters, including those external to Penn State, are subject to following these guidelines.

Youth Safety on Webinars and Virtual Meetings

When conducting a webinar or virtual meeting involving youth, we must follow Penn State Policy AD 39 for the protection of youth, volunteers, and employees.

Recorded Webinar Trainings

Two trainings for Extension educators about Zoom Webinars have been recorded and are available to view on demand.