A storyboard is like a blueprint for your video. Consider: the story you want to tell or the skill you want to teach; a potential starting point; your goals of the final video; and what needs to happen in the video to get your audience to reach those goals. When working on this storyboard, be as complete and thoughtful as possible. Take time to answer the following questions. Then work in the table, describing how you anticipate the shooting and corresponding narration may go. The Digital Education Team will further discuss your storyboard with you. This is a working document, meant to be edited and updated as needed.

Who is the audience?

(Be as specific as possible.)

What are your learning outcomes for this video?

(When the audience finishes watching, what are the 3 to 5 things that you want them to be able to do / know.)


(Summarize your video in less than 160 characters; 200 characters is the upper limit. This information will appear on YouTube, Google search results, and above your video on the Extension website.)


(Provide a short description (several sentences) that provides context for the video. This will appear as text below the video on the Extension website. It can include similar information as the summary.)

Storyboard Table

(Add rows to this table as needed.)

Sequence Potential Images, Video Clips, Animations, Text Potential Narration

Learn Now Video Storyboard

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