This is the process to begin working with the Digital Education Team on a Learn Now video.

1. Present your idea to your team and ADP.

Your time is valuable. Before you begin work on your video, talk to your team. Make sure
your video idea aligns with your team's current educational goals and priorities. After you've
talked to your team, present the idea to your ADP.

2. Fill out an AgSci Video and Webinar Support Request.

Fill out an AgSci Video and Webinar Support Request to initiate the planning and support process within Ag Communications and Marketing. A marketing strategy specialist will respond to you, help you get started with your video project, and connect you to the Digital Education Team.

3. Work with the Digital Education Team.

The Digital Education Team will work collaboratively with you to:

  • Define the scope and learning outcomes of your video.
  • Assist with writing your video narration script.
  • Help you locate appropriate images, video clips, and graphics.
  • Record your audio (or video if you will be presenting on camera).
  • Edit your video.
  • Provide appropriate branding.
  • Upload your final video to the Penn State Extension website.