Here you will find short how-to videos on using the Camtasia software. Together, these videos provide educators a set of steps to follow and a quick look at how editing works in Camtasia.

Cut it Out - Editing in Camtasia

This video provides a brief overview of the steps to cut out unwanted sounds or visuals, using Camtasia. It uses screen shots to help viewers learn how to use the Camtasia interface.

Cut it Out 2 - A Live Look at Editing in Camtasia

This video gives viewers an over-the-shoulder look at cutting out unwanted sounds or visuals in their Learn Now with real-time video of someone selecting and cutting a chunk out of a Camtasia project.

Split that Track

Learn how to separate and lock tracks to help you edit in Camtasia.

Turn it Down

Sometimes you can't cut out a piece of audio in your Camtasia project, but turning it down much lower can solve the problem. This video will show you how to turn down selections of audio on your video project.