Learn Now videos can be a popular tool for sharing your educational content. Understand what Learn Now videos are and how you can utilize them to enhance your product offerings to appeal to various learning preferences.

Learn Now videos can easily expand the number of people you reach with critical information and knowledge, and also provide a powerful tool to manage the routine inquiries that come across your desk. They also help accommodate how your customers like to learn. More and more, people are choosing video as their instructional preference over text, especially online.

First, let's review what a Learn Now video is.

As you see in the above example, a Learn Now video can be as simple as combining an image-heavy PowerPoint presentation with engaging narration. The video answers one question with a concise explanation and vibrant images.

In addition to using images and narration, the Digital Education team can work with you to record a video with you on-screen. This personalization helps you connect with your learners, allowing them to put a face with the educational content. It also creates a well-paced, robust video.

The Digital Education team can also help you use live video segments (such as showing an example out in the field) and whiteboard-style animations to explain processes (such as the growth stages of a crop).

Ways to Utilize Learn Now Videos

Make Learn Now videos of your most popular presentations

Perhaps the best way to integrate this tool is to make a decision to produce a Learn Now video for your most in-demand content. Many educators share their PowerPoint files, but without the narrative and context you provide during your presentation they are weak educational products on their own. Making a Learn Now video may seem daunting at first, but once you get familiar with the process it will be easy to integrate into your educational workflow (and maybe even fun!).

Make Learn Now videos for frequently asked questions

Everyone gets recurring questions on the phone or by email - "How often should I have my soil tested?", "How do I read this water test?", "How do I manage tomato blight?". Think about what question you are asked over and over and make a Learn Now video to answer it. The next time that inquiry comes in, you can refer it to the video for a detailed explanation - saving you time to work on other things.

Make Learn Now videos to establish ongoing connections with your customers

These products can be personal and establish you as an expert in a topic area. Many educators routinely post text-based content on the web and could easily transition that material into a video delivery format. It's how customers like content, and it can feel more like a trusted source when they hear it coming directly from an educator in their own voice.

Take a few minutes to think about how Learn Now videos might fit into your educational plan. Review the training materials on the Atlas website.

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