Creating a Learn Now is becoming simpler and more standardized through the introduction of a new template. Whether you’re working on your first or next Learn Now, presenting in person or creating an on-line Learn Now Video, Atlas’ new Learn Now template is a critical tool in your toolbox.

Watch this to learn about the New LearnNow Video Template

The new Learn Now PowerPoint template is designed to make things simpler. Using the template makes production easier by providing a set of pre-arranged slide layout designs, and a color palette. These offer you variety while still leaving room for creativity. This means you spend more time making the most of your content without getting bogged down in design decisions.

Using the template also takes care of making your Learn Now's appearance consistent with all the other Learn Now's. This kind of branding consistency is another way to help you make an impact with your learners and make it easy for them to find you on-line, or in-person.

And it's easy to use. Once you download the correct template file and install it, you'll discover that the slide layouts offer you simple, clear prompts. These simple hints help you place your images and text in ways that make the most of your content.

If you're creating an on-line Learn Now video, you'll want to use the 16X9 Learn Now template for educators. You can find it here.

LearnNow 16:9 PowerPoint Template
LearnNow Sample PDF

PDF document, 9.8 MB

This is a sample in document form of what the new LearnNow template looks like. You can download it here.