LearnNow Video Process Guide

Find step-by-step tutorials and Camtasia tool tips to produce your LearnNow videos.
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Understand the who, what, when, where, and how of creating educational videos. The digital education team will help you throughout the process.

If you are a part of Penn State Extension and would like to self-produce LearnNow videos, Camtasia is the tool to do it.

Learn Now videos can be a popular tool for sharing your educational content. Understand what Learn Now videos are and how you can utilize them to enhance your product offerings to appeal to various learning preferences.

Learn how to create and edit your presentation so you can deliver clear content in a conversational tone using a short video with a PowerPoint presentation at its backbone.

Camtasia is a screen recording and video editing software package that makes it easy to record your presentations, capture your content, and create videos.

Creating a Learn Now is becoming simpler and more standardized through the introduction of a new template. Whether you’re working on your first or next Learn Now, presenting in person or creating an on-line Learn Now Video, Atlas’ new Learn Now template is a critical tool in your toolbox.

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This template is formatted for the 16:9 aspect ratio and includes basic fonts and animations for use in creating PowerPoint slides that will be recorded as a LearnNow video. Make sure you explore all of the master slides available to you for design and application to your content.

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Use this template for Learn Now videos requiring Pennsylvania 4-H branding.

Here you will find short how-to videos on using the Camtasia software. Together, these videos provide educators a set of steps to follow and a quick look at how editing works in Camtasia.

Don't overload your viewers with information! Get the most out of your educational videos by following the best practices for narration and images.

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Refer to this printable PDF for high-level instructions that will help you navigate through creating your LearnNow video.

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A printable PDF to use for reference while creating your LearnNow video with Camtasia and PowerPoint.

Video can be a great way to educate people. Research shows that more people are watching videos to learn about various topics. How do you make your video engaging so that people will want to watch it from beginning to end?

Use this form to upload and submit your completed Learn Now video projects.