Learn how to work with the Digital Education Team to produce a Learn Now video. This guide contains information and guideline documents to use when planning and producing a Learn Now video.

Learn Now Video Process Checklist

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Understand the who, what, when, where, and how of creating educational videos. The digital education team will help you throughout the process.

Learn Now Video Process for Educators

This is the process to begin working with the Digital Education Team on a Learn Now video.

Learn Now Video Examples

View examples of how to teach with video in Learn Now videos.

Learn Now Video Storyboard

A storyboard is like a blueprint for your video. Consider: the story you want to tell or the skill you want to teach; a potential starting point; your goals of the final video; and what needs to happen in the video to get your audience to reach those goals. When working on this storyboard, be as complete and thoughtful as possible. Take time to answer the following questions. Then work in the table, describing how you anticipate the shooting and corresponding narration may go. The Digital Education Team will further discuss your storyboard with you. This is a working document, meant to be edited and updated as needed.

Learn Now Video Storyboard Example

The following storyboard was created for the production of the video, "How to Tag a Pig." Watch the video and look at the storyboard. Notice how the storyboard is a sketch for the future video.

Photography and Recording Tips for Video Production

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Video production is typically divided into three stages: pre-production, during production (recording), and post-production. To help you make high-quality videos, follow the tips for each stage.

Using Narration and Images in Educational Videos

Don't overload your viewers with information! Get the most out of your educational videos by following the best practices for narration and images.

Copyright and Image Use Guidelines

Using high-quality images is important when creating online educational content. So is making sure you are using images with appropriate licenses and are meeting the University’s requirements on handling copyright issues. This guide provides direction for image use for Learn Now and course videos. It includes information about image permissions, creative commons licensing, and required attributions. Also included are resources for image sources and libraries.