You will upload your video to your team Kaltura channel. Review this checklist before you upload your video to Kaltura; if elements are missing you may need to rerecord your video.

Video Quality and Formatting

  • Video has a clear purpose and learning objective
  • Video length and pacing is appropriate: short, efficient, paced to maintain interest and avoid extraneous information
  • Video has been recorded with a camera or phone, not Zoom
  • Video is recorded and edited in a 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio
  • Video is high resolution with footage that is crisp and clear
  • Camera is in focus and focused on the speaker / main object
  • Video and all portions of it are stable (not shaky)
  • Video has been previewed by the educator and rerecorded if needed to achieve the necessary video and audio quality

Audio Quality

  • Good quality (i.e. no extra echo, metallic sounds, loud background noises)
  • Educator is easy to understand
  • Educator speaks with appropriate pacing and an engaging tone


  • Educator is looking at the camera, composed in a shot where the head is not cut off
  • Educator briefly introduces themself, Extension, and the video topic or objective, as appropriate
  • Educator briefly concludes the video with a summary and thank you


  • Educator is wearing a shirt, vest, hat, or other item with Penn State Extension logo
  • Logo is visible and legible on camera


  • If any images, video clips, graphics, data, or quotes are used that are from an external source (not your own), there is a "Credits" slide at the end of video
  • Credits are properly formatted (see Copyright and Image Use Guidelines)

Model and Location Permissions

  • Educator has signed model consents from individuals appearing in the video who are not Penn State employees. The Photo and Media Release Form provides guidance on when consent is needed and the form for individuals to sign. Download and print the form.
  • Educator has signed location release forms for video/photography filmed on non-Penn State private property. Download and print the Location Release Form.

Title and Text Summary in Kaltura

  • Video has an appropriate title (for the public audience and Extension team)
  • Educator provides a short, concise written video summary in Kaltura "Description" field
  • Video publishing status is set to "Unlisted" (so it is visible to anyone with the link)

Provide Closed Captioning in Kaltura

  • Educator has ordered automatic closed captioning
  • Educator has edited automatic closed captioning