Facebook is a social networking site that allows people to share pictures, videos, and updates with their friends, colleagues, and organizations.

The College of Ag Sciences Facebook Page should be used as the default site to post information for our student and alumni audiences. Facebook's demographics include a heavy concentration of future and current students and a growing number of college alumni. If you are interested in posting a message to our Facebook page, submit your message and picture or video to socialmedia@ag.psu.edu.

The number of "likes" on the college's page continues to increase, so contributing your information through this main page will get your information out to a larger audience than if you created a new page for your department or organization. If your audience does not include future or current students, alumni, or the general public and you want to create your own Facebook fan page, below are some guidelines you should follow.

Creating a New Facebook Page

Before creating a new Facebook page for a unit within the college or Penn State Extension, contact socialmedia@ag.psu.edu to request a new page and discuss strategies.

College Facebook Pages

  • College Facebook pages should always include "Penn State" in the title and the unit or department name (e.g., "Penn State Department of Plant Science")
  • The Profile Picture should include the "Think Ag" mark for college branding. Contact socialmedia@ag.psu.edu to request a profile picture.

Penn State Extension Facebook Pages

Naming Your Page

All Extension Facebook pages should use a consistent naming convention.

  • Program Team: "Penn State Extension Dairy Team"
  • County: "Penn State Extension - Lehigh County"
  • 4-H: "Pennsylvania 4-H - Tioga County"
  • Master Gardeners: "Penn State Master Gardeners of Centre County"

Extension Profile Pictures

  • All Extension Facebook pages must use a branded Penn State profile picture. This solidifies our brand and portrays a cohesive organization across all of our website assets.

Cover Photos

High quality pictures should be used for cover photos. Image size should be 851x315 pixels. Avoid using text in your cover photo and do not make a collage of photos.

    Promoting Extension Events

    Facebook can be used to promote events and courses to your audience. Every Extension event should have a product page on the Penn State Extension website. When promoting events, always direct your audience from Facebook (and other media) to the event page on our website for more information and registration.

    If you are collecting registrations through your event website, do not add the event as a "Facebook Event." You may confuse your audience because of the additional RSVP option for Facebook Events. Since your event should already have a website, we typically recommend to promote your event in your timeline rather than adding a separate Facebook Event with RSVP.

    Facebook Best Practices

    • Post text updates and include pictures, videos, or links where relevant. Always include a picture if possible.
    • Post something 3 to 5 times per week and encourage peers in your target audience to participate
    • Ask questions in your posts to prompt the audience to engage and comment on posts
    • Respond to or "like" all comments posted by your followers to encourage participation
    • Monitor trends of new fans and interactivity with Facebook Insights
    • Place a link to your Facebook Page on all websites that are related to your organization. Contact the for assistance with this.