The ability to log in to Salesforce via Penn State Web Access is now available. Follow these quick steps to learn how to take advantage of this new feature and how to access the new login portal:

Navigate to the New login page

There are two ways to access the Penn State Extension instance of Salesforce.

**If any of these login methods do not work for you upon your first attempt to log into Salesforce this may be because you do not have an activated Salesforce user account. If you are unable to login please reach out to us via the Salesforce help request form.

Method 1 - Direct URL:

  1. Via this Short URL: (Please bookmark!)
  2. Click "Penn State Access" under the Salesforce User Name and Password prompt
  3. You will be prompted to enter your Penn State Access Account ID and Password and 2-factor authentication as normal.


Method 2 - Custom Domain:

  1. Alternatively you may use the old login URL:
  2. Click on "USE CUSTOM DOMAIN".
  3. Enter psuextension (all lowercase) into the Custom Domain text box.
  4. Click "Continue".
  5. Click "Penn State Access" under the Salesforce User Name and Password prompt.
  6. You will be prompted to enter your Penn State Access Account ID and Password and 2-factor authentication as normal.


After you have successfully logged in with Penn State Access, you will be redirected to the Salesforce home screen. If you were already logged in to Penn State Access, it will skip directly to the Salesforce home screen

How to Log Out of Salesforce and Penn State Access

Penn State Access, Single Sign-On keeps you logged into Salesforce as long as the browser is open. Completely exit all browser windows to close your Salesforce session.

If you are unsure if all the browsing windows are closed, you can right-click on your browser icon (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and click "Close all windows"


Please note that that the previous method of logging out of Salesforce by clicking on your Name > Logout, will no longer log you out of Salesforce! This will prompt you to log out of Penn State Access, but keeps the session open until the browser is completely exited. This allows a user to continue to access Salesforce web pages through either browser history or attempting to log in again with Penn State Access.

Always remember to completely close your browser!

Broken Links

As a trade-off in taking advantage of this new feature, you may notice that your browser will have a new base URL when accessing records with Salesforce (

Clicking legacy-shared URLs that start with will no longer work, effective immediately. This may include links from older emails or shared through chatter. If you run into this error, as a quick fix you can substitute the base URL with the preferred base URL (Note: DO NOT substitute with the short-url If you need assistance please submit a help request.

If you encounter an error "Web Login Service - Stale Request" it is best to navigate to the login screen ( and sign-in. Then retry the link that prompted the error.


Notes and Reminders

  • Please use and bookmark the new login url:
  • To end your Salesforce session, completely exit the browser.
  • Submit feedback or bug reports to the Salesforce help request form:
  • During the transition to the new login domain, some embedded hyperlinks may not work within Salesforce. This includes, but is not limited to any URL that starts with These links need to be converted to the base url:
  • This implementation will be for only existing Salesforce users, as this does not grant Salesforce access to other entities within the College or University such as teams, departments or other Colleges.
  • This implementation does not change license levels or grant access to additional features.
  • Penn State Access login works similarly with Salesforce Mobile and Chatter. Detailed instructions will be provided at a later time or upon request.
  • You may continue to use your username and password at this time, but it may be depreciated in the future.
  • If you have issues logging into Penn State Access, please review the standard help article:
  • If you can successfully log in to Penn State Access, but are having difficulty accessing Salesforce, please use the following help form:
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