Penn State Extension faculty members and educators interested in implementing a podcast are required to follow guidelines to ensure compliance with University and college policy.

Prior to proceeding with a podcast, connect with your Assistant Director of Programs (ADP) to ensure the podcast aligns with audience needs defined in the Program Development Process (PDP).


This policy, approved by Penn State Extension leadership, establishes a central podcast hosting policy for all faculty and staff within Penn State Extension. The benefits of a centrally managed podcast hosting strategy include:

  • Compliance with University requirements and policies
  • Compliance with outside vendor terms of service
  • Consistency in management of podcasts, including tools for advertising, landing pages, and other marketing opportunities
  • Reduced risk of stranded content or information due to employee attrition
  • Increased cost effectiveness in management and implementation
  • Access to consistent statistics and analytics to evaluate performance and return on investment
  • Compliance with branding requirements


All podcasts presenting Penn State Extension information must adhere to the policy below. 


All podcasts within the above scope must be hosted through an approved partner managed by the Marketing and Communications unit. Marketing and Communications will be responsible for managing the hosting partner relationship, account access, and general podcasting guidelines. Podcasts representing Penn State Extension should never be hosted outside of the college podcast hosting partner.

  • Podcast hosts are required to sign a consent, license, and release agreement and podcasting hosting requirements memo for their podcast. In addition, podcast hosts are responsible for ensuring additional podcast contributors also sign a consent, license, and release agreement and vendor release prior to participating in a podcast session.
  • Podcasts must adhere to branding, copyright, and other appropriate guidelines managed by Marketing and Communications.
  • All podcasts must include transcripts and hosts should work with Marketing and Communications on process.

Roles and Responsibilities

Marketing and Communications: Responsible for development and administration of requirements and guidelines, and management of hosting provider. Hosting management includes account management, branding, and overall guidelines.

Host (faculty or staff member): Responsible for content development, day-to-day podcast management, and ensuring appropriate guidelines are followed and that the podcast aligns with University requirements, college requirements, and vendor terms. This also includes ensuring participants follow appropriate guidelines.

Last Updated: June 2020