Workflow States Diagram



When a product is initially added, it starts in a Private state. This allows the owner to continue to edit the product until it is ready to be reviewed by the web team.

Pending Review

When the product is ready to be made live, the content owner submits it for review, which puts it into a Pending Review state. The web team will review the product to ensure that it complies with best practices and standards.

The web team will address any minor issues (e.g. formatting) and set it to the Published state.

If the product has non-trivial issues, the web team will set it to the Requires Feedback state, with a note describing the issues.

Requires Feedback

For products that require feedback, the owner should review the notes made by the web team, address any issues, and resubmit for review.


When a product is Published for the first time, it will be imported into Magento, reviewed by the web team, and made live on the Extension site.

Published products can manually be set to the Expired state when they are no longer relevant, which removes them from the long-term review process.

Expiring Soon

A long-term review process is necessary to ensure that active products are periodically reviewed. For most product types, the review cycle is every three years.

Expiration dates will be configured after the site goes live, and will initially be set to three years in the future, within a +/- three month window.

Three months prior to the configured expiration date, the product will be automatically put into an Expiring Soon state. The owner will then review that product, and will take one of the following actions:

  • The product is still relevant, with no changes required: Return it to the Published state.
  • The product is still relevant, but requires changes: Update the product, which returns it to the Private state, and the normal review process will then proceed.
  • The product is no longer relevant: Set the product to the Expired state.


When a product is Expired, it has been determined to no longer be relevant. It is still available in the CMS site, but no longer visible on the public site.