For some changes in workflow states, the CMS system will notify individuals via email that action is required.

The example emails in this section use ${...} placeholders for values that are specific to the email.

Emails will be sent from the non-existent Extension CMS <>, and have a subject beginning with Extension Content Alert: [subject]

Submit for Review By Web Team

When an individual submits a product for review by the web team, the web team receives an email notification:

${user_fullname} submitted a product for review by the web team.
${type} Information:
Title: ${title} 
Description: ${description}
URL: ${url} Please review and either publish, or return to owner for feedback.

Requires Feedback from Owner

The web team puts a product into the Requires Feedback state when it determines that the owner needs to address non-trivial issues with the product. The product owner(s) and submitter will receive the following email notification:

The web team has reviewed the ${type} you submitted:
Title: ${title}
Description: ${description}
URL: ${url} and provided the following feedback:
Please review, address any issues, and re-submit for publication. 

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