The owners of a product are the individual(s) responsible for maintaining the product in the CMS system. Owners are managed in the CMS system using their Penn State id (e.g. 'xyz5000').

A product must always have a valid Penn State employee as an owner. If an individual leaves Penn State employment, and there are no other valid owners, the ownership of a product will revert to the Assistant Director of Programs (ADP) that is responsible for that product.

Adding an individual to the product as an owner will enable them to edit the product, and to receive notifications for that product.


Owner responsibilities include:

  • Creating new products in the site (to which they are automatically assigned as the owner)
  • Categorizing products with relevant metadata for the Extension website.
  • Ensuring that products follow all best practices and standards
  • Reviewing products during the long-term review cycle (approximately every three years) to ensure that they're still relevant.


The authors are the individual(s) that developed or are presenting the content for the product. Authors are managed in the CMS system using their Penn State id (e.g. 'xyz5000').

Depending on the type of product (e.g. Article, Online Course, Workshop), these will be shown on the public website as Authors, Instructors, or Speakers. However, for the purposes of documentation, they will be referred to as "Authors."

In the CMS system, the "Authors" can contain ids of active or inactive Penn State employees. Authors that are not affiliated with Penn State Extension may be entered in the "External Authors" field.


  • Develop content for products
  • Assist in the review of products during the long-term review cycle

Owners and Authors in CMS System

The Owners, Authors, and External Authors are configured in the Ownership tab.

Ownership Selection in UI