A workshop is an in-person class that occurs at a specific date/time and location.

In the new Extension site, workshops always fall under a parent Workshop Group product, which contains the high-level information common to all of the workshops in that group:

  • Title - enter text exactly as it should appear on the website
  • Short description - recommend 180-200 characters; 220 character limit; shown in product listing and search results
  • Product page note - optional; use sparingly to provide key information about the event; 150-character limit
  • Duration
  • Lead image - required; photograph; include proper credit in the caption area (horizontal image preferred)
  • Introductory video
  • Detailed description - full description of the event shown on the description tab of the product page
  • Categories, attributes, etc. - selections determine where the event shows on the website; can select multiple.
  • Audience information (who it's for/what you'll learn/skill level)

The individual Workshop contains information that is specific to that instance of the workshop, for example:

  • Start and end date/time
  • Agenda
  • Credit/CEU information
  • Location information
  • Registration information (deadline, capacity)
  • Walk-ins accepted?
  • URL (for webinars only)
  • Instructors/Speakers
  • Contact information

It's important to note that all workshops in the workshop group will cover essentially the same curriculum. In the old Extension site, a "course landing page" where multiple events covering different topics around a common theme were presented in one place. In the new site, each workshop (even if it is only to be presented once) would need to have its own workshop group.

Structure of Workshops in Plone

This diagram shows the structure of the Workshop Group and Workshop in Plone. These are each individual items in the hierarchy, so the Workshop is "inside" the Workshop Group.

A Workshop Group may contain multiple Workshops, with one Workshop per date/location.


Workshop Structure