A webinar is an online workshop that occurs at a specific date/time, and has the potential to have a recorded version viewable at a later date.

Product Details

In the new Extension site, webinars always fall under a parent Webinar Group product, which contains the high-level information common to all of the webinars in that group:

  • Title
  • Short description
  • Product page note
  • Duration
  • Lead image
  • Introductory video
  • Detailed description
  • Categories, attributes, etc.
  • Audience information (who it's for/what you'll learn/skill level)

The webinar contains information that is specific to that instance of the webinar, for example:

  • Start and end date/time
  • Agenda
  • Credit/CEU information
  • Webinar link
  • Registration information (including price)
  • Instructors/Speakers
  • Recorded webinar and presentations or handouts.

It's important to note that all webinars in the webinar group will cover essentially the same curriculum. So, if a recording is available, most webinar groups would only have one webinar per group. An exception might be if it's a series of webinars that is covering a "hot topic", and multiple question and answer sessions are critical to the webinar.

Structure of Webinars in Plone

This diagram shows the structure of a Webinar in Plone, including:

  • Webinar Group
  • Webinar
  • Webinar Recording
  • Webinar Handout/Presentation

These are each individual items in the hierarchy, so the Webinar is "inside" the Webinar Group, and the Webinar Recording is "inside" the Webinar.


Webinar Structure

How to add a Webinar Group and Webinar instance in Plone

Please note that the first two steps are specifically for creating a new Webinar Group. If you are putting on an additional session of a recurring webinar, please find the Group product in Plone and skip to step #3.

  1. Navigate to the most relevant level 3 category in Plone CMS.
  2. From there, in the green bar choose Add New -> Webinar Group.
  3. The individual event details are then added within a Group. Once the Group is created, choose to Add New -> Webinar from the green bar inside of that group. This is where you will include information such as Date/Time, Webinar URL, Contact information, Registration deadline, Capacity, Agenda, and Instructors/Speakers.
  4. Once you have the Group and individual Webinar saved, the final step is to submit for review by selecting "Submit for Publication" from the State dropdown in the green menu bar for each item.

Video: Adding a Webinar

How to add a Webinar Recording and associated files

Once your live webinar has occurred, you can add the URL to the recorded version and any associated presentation files to the Webinar. This allows it to be available to watch anytime on the site.

  1. Navigate to the individual Webinar instance in Plone.
  2. From there, in the green bar choose Add New -> Webinar Recording. Here you will complete the details of the recorded webinar, such as the link and duration. Keep the "Watch Now" checkbox checked, as this allows the recorded version to be played immediately on the website without having to register to view.
  3. If you have associated files to include, you can add those to the Webinar Recording item by selecting Add New -> Webinar Presentation/Handout from the green edit bar in Plone.
  4. Once you have the Webinar Recording and any associated files saved, the final step is to submit the parent Webinar product for review by selecting "Submit for Publication" from the State dropdown in the green menu bar for each item.

Video: Adding a Webinar Recording

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