Online training courses can be built by bundling existing content from other product lines into a focused learning experience, or developed with entirely new content generated by faculty and educators.

Training will be delivered through the edX learning management system.

In Plone, Online Courses are created as an "Online Course Group", containing one or more "Online Course" products. This is to allow for the potential of having multiple versions of the course.

The Online Course Group contains the high-level information common to all of the workshops in that group:

  • Title
  • Short description
  • Product page note
  • Duration
  • Number of sections
  • Lead image
  • Introductory video
  • Detailed description
  • Categories, attributes, etc.
  • Audience information (who it's for/what you'll learn/skill level)

The individual Online Course product contains information that is specific to that instance of the workshop, for example:

  • Start and end dates
  • Credit/CEU information
  • Registration information (including price)