Learn Now videos allow you to create short educational videos to help your customers learn in an easy, appealing way.

Creating Digital Educational Content


You! Speak from your experience.
The Digital Education Team will help.


  • Short, focused videos that fit the educational needs and priorities of your Extension team
  • May be composed of recorded PPTs, images, live video, or you talking on the screen
  • 1 idea = a 2 to 6 minute video
  • Be conversational. Talk to your audience about:
    - how to solve a problem
    - how to identify or manage a given pest, disease, or plant
    - how to implement a specific strategy
    - an answer to a commonly asked question


  • Work on your script and gather images whenever you can.
  • Before you begin (and anytime during the process) contact the Digital Education Team: Christopher Coyne ()
We will provide guidance, suggestions, tips, and support. We can:
  • hear your ideas, read your script, look at visuals, and give suggestions based on your content and intended audience
  • provide audio support, recording in-studio if needed
  • provide video editing support and finishing touches


One key to a quality video is to record quality audio. We'll help you!

You can record in our studio or in your office.


  • Talk to your team and ADP about education priorities.
  • Come up with a simple message - what's the take away and why should people care?
  • Contact our team!
  • Write a script with 1 or 2 main points, and details as needed.
  • Begin gathering visuals, such as images and video.
    - images with correct permissions and good quality
    - videos (shooting with smart phones is fine; shoot horizontal, keep your camera steady, and record lots of clips)
  • Stay in touch with our team!
  • Practice before you record.
Documentation of the entire process is on the website


For more information, contact
Christopher Coyne ()
Rebecca Rumbel ()

Creating Learn Now Videos

For details about how to create a Learn Now video, visit the Learn Now Video Process Guide.