Articles are in-depth, technical pieces that provide information to expand knowledge, solve a problem, or introduce new methodology.

They are not news items or promotional in nature. Articles are delivered online. An article is the most common type of product in the Extension site.

Articles can contain:

  • Pages - includes the body text; can have one or more pages
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Slideshows - multiple images with titles and descriptions
  • Files

The main Article product can be thought of as the "cover" of a book, while the individual article pages, images, files, etc. can be thought of as the "chapters" and actual content of that book.

In the new Extension site, Articles include what had been previously referred to as:

  • Factsheets
  • News Items (blog posts) that are evergreen, not time-sensitive
  • Short publications with content freely available online

Single Page vs. Multi-Page Articles

Articles containing more than one page, video, or slideshow are considered multi-page articles.

If the article is very long, or very "deep" (in the sense that there are many levels of headings) it may be a good idea to break it into multiple pages.


Videos (e.g. YouTube) should never be embedded into an article with an <iframe> tag or HTML code. Instead, they should be added as a "Video" inside the article. This is to ensure that the display of the video on the front end of the site is consistent.