The Extension Activity Reporting information is used to categorize information internally for reporting purposes.

Extension Activity Reporting metadata is not reflected on the external site, but it will be available in Salesforce. This metadata includes:

  • Unit
  • Program Team
  • Topic

Selections are limited to a single topic in most products, such as articles and news. Workshops, Webinars, and Conferences, up to three topics (including across teams) may be selected.

Extension Activity Reporting Selection in Plone CMS System

Selections are made in the "Categorization" tab when creating or updating a product in Plone for the Extension website.

  • To apply a value, select it from the left-hand box and click the right arrow to move it to the right-hand box.
  • To remove a value, select it from the right-hand box and click the left arrow to move it to the left-hand box.
  • Be sure the click the Save button once your selections are made.

An example of Unit, Team, and Topic selections in Plone is as follows: