Lead images are used in product listings and on the product pages. Photographic images should be landscape orientation in as close to a 3:2 ratio as possible.

A good guideline for image dimensions is 1200x800 pixels.

The image should have a clear subject matter, since it will often be presented in image listings in a smaller size. So, for example, a photo of a tree is better than a wide-angle photo of a forest.

Recommended image formats:

  • Photos: JPG
  • Diagrams/Line Drawings: PNG

Common Errors

  • image size is too small (minimum recommended width is 600 pixels)
  • image file size to too large (reduce the size of the photo to maximum of 1200 pixels and make sure the quality setting is "web" not "print") File size should be less that 500kb - most times less that 100 kb.
  • brochures, flyers, collage of images or clipart is not acceptable