The Extension website relies on your expertise to provide a trusted source of science-based education. We want our users to quickly relate to our website content. One way to achieve this is to identify Authors, Instructors, and Speakers on all products.

Each product on the Penn State Extension website prominently displays the Authors, Instructors, or Speaker of that item. Articles, for example, show this attribute directly on the product listing:

Article with Authors

Another example of how the Author, Instructor, Speaker attribute translates to the user experience is on the Totally Veggies online course. Here we have two Instructors listed, Dori Campbell and Mary Ehret. Immediately, the user can see who the experts are behind the content of the course, and start to build trust in the product.

Online Course with Instructors

Many of our products include a value for this attribute already, however, we need to fill in the gaps and continue to add Authors / Instructors / Speakers to all of our products.

How to manage Authors / Instructors / Speakers in Plone

In the Extension CMS, navigate to the product that needs to be managed. Click the "Edit" tab in the green bar.

Once you are in editing mode, click the "Ownership" tab. Here you will find two ways to manage Authors, Instructors and Speakers to display on the website:

  • Include any Penn State Authors/Instructors/Speakers in this field by entering their PSU Id. Multiple values can be entered, but it is important that there is only one value per line. Only current Penn State employees can be entered in this field.
    Author in Ownership Tab
  • External contributors can be included in the next field, by entering their information in the boxes provided. Every field does not have to be complete, but please provide as much accurate information as possible.
    Ownership - External