Where and how to add new products; Fixing content issues; Submitting for review

Where to add products

New products should be added within the most relevant area of the site . While they can have additional categories selected, there is usually a logical "primary" category.

Products must be added at the lowest level within the Information Architecture (IA) of the site. Generally, this is a Category Level 3, but there are some areas that only have two levels.

In other words, a product that describes a disease that affects apples should be added to:

  • Forage and Food Crops (Category Level 1)
  • Fruit (Category Level 2)
  • Pests and Diseases (Category Level 3)

It must be added to the "Pests and Diseases" level, and cannot be added to either of the two higher levels.

Certain type of products have a parent/child relationship (e.g. a "Workshop" is always a child of a "Workshop Group".) If a product type is a "child" of a "parent" product, it should be added inside that parent.


Parent Product Child Product
Workshop Group Workshop
Webinar Group Webinar
Online Course Group Online Course
Conference Group Conference

How to add products

Adding products is done via the Add New dropdown in the green bar.

Add New Dialog

The types of products that show up in that dropdown depend on your role(s) within the site.

The individual that adds a new product is assigned as the owner of the product, and owners can be added or changed later.

After filling out the required fields, the product can be submitted to the web team for review and publication.

Content Issues

The CMS system performs some automated checks on products, and reports them under the Content Issues heading on the product page. These issues are assigned a severity (High, Medium, Low), and High and Medium issues prevent a product from being submitted for review until they are resolved.

Content Issues Example

Submitting for Review

Once a product is ready for review and publication, select Submit for publication from the State dropdown in the green bar.

State Dropdown Example

The web team will be notified, will review the product, and then either publish it or return it with feedback.

Video: Adding an Article to the Plone CMS

This video demonstrates how and where to add a new Article to the Plone CMS, and how to submit it for review.