Adding an article to the Extension website is a two step process that involves adding an Article product, and then adding content within that article.

Step 1: Navigate to the Appropriate Category

Go to the Extension CMS System and navigate to the Category Level 3 that best describes your workshop.

To do this:

  1. Select the appropriate Category Level 1 from the top navigation or the list in the center column
  2. Select a Category Level 2 from the left column
  3. Select a Category Level 3 from the left column underneath the selected Category Level 2


  • Category Level 1: Forage & Food Crops,
  • Category Level 2: Fruit

The Red box highlights Category Level 3 options.

selecting CategoryLevel 3

Once you have chosen the Category Level 3 and are on that page, go to the green toolbar, click "Add new..." and select "Article" from the dropdown menu

CategoryLevel3 view

In the screen that opens (Add Article), add the following information:

  • Title
  • Summary (short description of the article)
  • Lead image (will appear in listings and on the page. Click "Browse" to upload and image from your computer)

Add Article

Lead Image

  • Use landscape/horizontal photos in a 3:2 aspect ratio instead of portrait/vertical.
  • If you included a lead image, provide a short description of the image in the Lead image caption box
  • Provide credit information in the caption box


In the grey top bar, click on the "Categorization" tab.

When an Article is created, there is one Category Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 selected based on the Category Level 3 in which you added the Article. In the example above, Forage and Food Crops , Fruit , and Production & Harvesting are selected.

You can add more Category 1, 2, and 3 categorization if the Article should appear in other categories. To add another selection, click on a topic in the left box and then click on the arrow (->) to move it to the right box.

For each Category Level 1, there must be a corresponding Category Level 2. For each Category Level 2, there must be a corresponding Category Level 3.

More information on categorization in the CMS .

For EPAS information, you must select one state extension team, one program team, and one curriculum.

Categorization - 1

Categorization - 2


You must have at least one Owner who is an active Penn State individual that is responsible for the content. Multiple owners may be added, and these are added as a Penn State id (e.g. xyz5000.)

Authors (Penn State Extension as well as external authors) can be added for the Article, and these will be displayed on the public site. Penn State employees are added using their Penn State id, and external authors are added using the fields in the "External Authors" section.

Ownership tab

Click the "Save" button to save the Article.

Step 2: Add Content to the Article

While on the Article that you have just created, go up to the green toolbar, click "Add new…" and select "Article Page" from the dropdown menu

Adding an article page

In the screen that opens, add:

  • Title (same as for article)
  • Add the content into the Body Text box.

Article Page

Apply styles (such as Heading) to the content, using the Text tool bar. Review the content and if changes/modifications need to be made, click the Edit tab in the top green bar and make changes.

Click the "Save" button to save the Article Page.

Step 3: Submit the Article for Review

If the content is ready for review by the web team, navigate back to the Article product.

Click "State: Private" in the top green bar and change it to "State: Submit for Publication"

The Web Services group will be notified, and they will review and either publish the Article, or return it to you with feedback to address any issues.

Submit for publication

Video: Adding an Article to the Plone CMS

This video demonstrates how and where to add a new Article to the Plone CMS, and how to submit it for review.