Set up your workshop by completing the Cvent event request form:


As of October 15, 2019, all workshops are to be set up in Cvent. Please complete an event request form to initiate the process.

Instructions prior to October 2019

Adding a workshop is a two-step process that involves first creating a "parent" Workshop Group with general information about the workshop, and then a "child" Workshop with the specific date and location information.

Consider the Workshop Group as a folder with a title, description, and image. The Workshop would be a page within the folder that contains all the details.

On the public Extension website, only the Workshop Group title is shown, so the titles of the Workshop Group and Workshop should be the same.

Before You Begin

  • A workshop in Plone is a free event hosted by Penn State Extension for adults. Events that have a fee and/or open to youth must use Cvent for registration.
  • Workshops have a defined start time and registration is required. Note: plant sales, open houses and displays are not workshops, instead, they should be entered as News items.
  • You must be a member of the Extension Event Editors group to add a Workshop Group. If you don't see the option to add a Workshop Group in Plone, please submit a request to the Web Services group.
  • There is no longer the concept of a "workshop series" (multiple workshops with separate topics grouped together) in the new Extension site. Since each workshop has a unique topic/title, each must be created as a unique Workshop Group and Workshop.
  • Multiple Workshops that cover the same topic, but have different location and date/time are added to the same Workshop Group. For example, ServSafe is an Extension workshop that is offered in many different locations throughout the state, but has the same title and follows the same agenda.
  • Do not add Expiration Dates, especially to the Workshop Group. Remember, you may be offering the same program next year! Workshops will automatically disappear from the website once the end date/time is reached.

Step 1: Navigating to the Appropriate Category

Go to the Extension CMS System and navigate to the Category Level 3 that best "fits" your workshop.

To do this, select the appropriate Category Level 1 from the top navigation or the list in the center column. Then select a Category Level 2 from the left column, then a Category Level 3.

For example, "Conifer Identification for the Home Gardeners" would be added to:

  • Trees, Lawns, and Landscaping (Level 1)
  • Home Gardening (Level 2)
  • Species and Varieties (Level 3)

Step 2: Adding a Workshop Group

In the green toolbar, click "Add new..." and select "Workshop Group" from the dropdown menu.

Adding Workshop Group

Selecting Workshop Group from the drop down menu will open a form titled "Add Workshop Group".

Default Tab

Add the following information:

  • Title
  • Summary (short description of the workshop)
  • Lead image (click browser to add image)
    • Tip: Use landscape/horizontal photos instead of vertical/portrait.
    • If you included an image, provide a short description of the image in the Lead image caption box
  • Text: Add additional descriptive text for this Workshop Group.

Add workshop group

Categorization Tab

Categories and Attributes

Ensure that the selected Category Levels 1, 2 and 3 are correct, and consider other categories that might be relevant.

For each Category Level 1 selected, there should be at least one Level 2 and Level 3 assigned. So, if you select two Level 1's ("Trees, Lawns and Landscaping" and "Business and Operations") there should be a Level 2 for each Level 1, and Level 3 for each Level 2.

Select any additional attributes (e.g. Language, Fruit, etc.) that describe this Workshop Group. The attributes displayed will vary by the Categories selected.


EPAS Information

Add the appropriate State Extension Team, Program Team and Curriculum (for EPAS) for this Workshop Group

Add Program information

Audience Information

Add information describing the audience (who is this for / what will you learn / skill level(s)) for this workshop.

Audience Information

Ownership Tab

Your id will automatically be populated as the owner (the individual responsible for this workshop group.)

Dates Tab

Do not adjust these dates.


Click the Save button to save the Workshop.

Step 3. Adding a Workshop

The Workshop contains the information about the specific workshop (date, time, location, agenda, credit/CEU information, instructors).

From the Workshop Group you just created, go to the top green toolbar, click "Add new..." and select "Workshop" from the dropdown menu.

Adding Workshop

This will open a form titled "Add Workshop".

Default Tab

In this form, you should add

  • Title (note: this does not show up on the live website)
  • The start and end times (month, day, and year). Note that the system uses 24-hour/military time, so 1:00 p.m. should be entered as 13:00.
  • Agenda (if you are including one - fill out the fields in the table provided)
  • Credit information (Pesticide or CEU credits - fill out the table provided). Note: Private applicator = pesticide credits

Default view of add workshop

Location Tab

Add the address of the venue, city, state and zip code. Be sure to select the appropriate county so this workshop will show up on the county page under "Upcoming Workshops and Conferences")

Location tab for Add Workshop

Make sure to select your county (select and move county from left box to right box using arrows)

Registration Tab

If available, add the registration contact person, email, and phone number. Other optional fields include: registration deadline, maximum number of registrants (Capacity)

Registration Tab for Add Workshop

Ownership Tab

Your id will automatically be populated as the owner (the individual responsible for this workshop.)

You can add instructors/speakers. For Penn State Extension people add their id (Example: mjw174), with one person per line. For External people, use the bottom table, adding their name, organization, and email.

Ownership tab of Add Workshop

Dates Tab

Leave blank as the system will fill this in automatically.


Click the Save button to save the Workshop.

Step 4: Submit for Publication

For both Workshop Group and Workshop, change "State" (in the green toolbar) from Private to "Submit for Publication". The Web Services group will then review and publish these products.

State = Private

Private State

State = Submit for Publication

Submit for publication State

If there are issues that need to be addressed prior to publishing, the Web Services group will contact you.