Managing the status of individuals in college Plone directories

There are different ways to manage how people show up in Plone directories in the college sites.

Individuals with a primary profile located elsewhere

Each person should have one authoritative profile page, but they may show up in multiple directories.  If someone needs to show up in a directory in addition to their department directory, you can create an "Alias" for that person.  This alias will show up in listings like a standard "Person" object, but when a logged out user clicks on it, they will be redirected to that individual's authoritative profile.

To do this, add the person as you would normally.  However, since this profile is never going to be viewed,  you only need to include the following information that is used in listings:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Middle name (optional)
  • Suffix (optional)
  • Image
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Job Title

On the "settings" tab, add the URL of their primary profile to the Primary Profile URL field.  After saving the person's profile, select "Person Alias View" from the Display dropdown.

You will see the message "This profile is redirected to ..." at the top of the profile.

Removing people from the directory

In most cases, it's better to terminate (expire) people from the directory rather than completely removing them. 

To terminate a person, edit their profile and click on the "Employment Information" link.  Then, set the Termination Date field to either the actual date terminated (if known) or yesterday's date.  The exact date isn't important, as long as it is in the past.  This will present a message of:

This person is no longer associated with this organization. You are seeing all their information because you have editing rights. Regular site visitors will only see the person's name.

in the logged in view, and a message of:

[person] is no longer associated with this organization.

for the logged out view.

Adding non-department individuals to the directory

If you need to add an individual that is not a member of the department to the directory, and do not want them to show up in the directory listing, please add that individual, and then submit a Web Services Problem / Enhancement Request Form and request that they be hidden from the directory.