Add Research Areas and Expertise to Your Profile

Instructions to assign your research areas and add specific areas of expertise to your personal profile.

Assigning research areas to your personal profile will add you to the respective directories on the Ag Science Research website. Additionally, by adding specific areas of expertise, they will be viewable and searchable by visitors.


  1. Open Firefox browser and navigate to your department website
  2. Login to your department website by adding https:// to the URL in your browser's address bar
    • e.g.,
    • Use your Penn State username and password
  3. After you login, click "Our Faculty" in the left-hand navigation:
    Screenshot: Department Click "Our Faculty"

  4. Find and click on your name to open your profile page
    Screenshot: Click on Your Name

  5. Click "Edit" on the green menu bar
    Screenshot: Click "Edit" on the green menu bar

  6. Click "Professional Information"
    Screenshot: Click "Professional Information"

  7. Scroll down to "Research Areas" and "Areas of Expertise"
    Screenshot: Research Areas

  8. Select your appropriate Research Area(s) and click the right arrow to activate
    Screenshot: Select Research Area(s)

  9. Add your custom, specific areas of expertise (one per line), then click "Save"
    Screenshot: Click Save


If you have any problems, please use the Web Request Form.