Instructions on how to create and distribute a newsletter of your website news via email. These instructions are for Plone (College, Department, or 4-H) websites only.

Where is my eNewsletter located?

  • go to your news folder (logged in) .../news
  • add the following to the end of the url: /newsletter

You will see a yellow box at the top, your list of news items to select on the left and upcoming events on the right. Make sure to select all the news items you want to include in your eNewsletter and click SAVE.

To see what the newsletter will look like, click on the link in the yellow box (logged out view). If all looks good, now you can send the newsletter out.

How to Send a Plone Newsletter via Email (e-Newsletter)

Always first test your email (e.g., send to yourself) before sending to a large group or listserv.

Using an appropriate URL

When using this method for sending newsletters from Plone, it is important that you use the "logged out" URL. Using the "logged in" URL will prompt your users to log in rather than sending them to article. ("logged in" URL will start with https://edit. or https://sites.)

The "logged in" newsletter template has a specific warning not to use that URL for emailing newsletters.

Outlook Steps

to embed your newsletter into body of an email and send to a listserv.

  1. Log in to Outlook (Outlook Web App or installed Outlook)
  2. Open the newsletter URL in a browser (e.g., )
  3. Select All (Command/Ctrl-A, or right click and "Select All", or Edit->Select All) of the text within the content area
  4. Copy the text (Command/Ctrl-C, right click, or Edit->Copy)
  5. Create a new email message in Outlook. In the body, Paste (Command/Ctrl-V, right click, or Edit->Paste).
  6. Your e-newsletter should now appear in the body of your email. Add a Subject, insert the proper listserv address or recipients, and Send.