Instructions to add your own News Items to Plone or link to external news.

News Items should be time sensitive content. Use a News Item when you are:

  • Adding an original news article that you have created.
  • Linking to an article on another site (see Link to an External News Item below).
  • A News Item may be appropriate to promote an event with a "Save the Date" or "Registration Deadline is this Friday" message. See instructions below for Promoting Events with News.

Adding News Items

Where to Add Your News

The topic of the News Item should determine where in the site you will add it. If the News Items is specific to a Department or Unit, you should add the news to that area of the site.

First Steps

  1. Log into your Plone website
  2. Navigate to the News folder
  3. In the right column, under Archive, you must click the current year

Add a News Item to Your Site

  1. In the toolbar, click the "Add new..." button, choose News Item
    • An Add News Item window will appear
  2. Enter a Title (required)
  3. Enter a short Summary (1 or 2 sentences)
  4. Optional (but recommended), in the Lead Image area, click Browse to include a picture in the News Item
    • Images should be roughly square in dimension. Avoid portrait/vertical images. See the image on this site for an example.
    • When a visitor to your website clicks the image, they will be shown the original, larger view. TIP: For best viewing of the larger image, images should be sized to approximately 1000 x 750. (3:2)
    • Image should be no bigger than 400kb. (an average image will be between 60-120kb)
    • Image should be a photograph saved as either a JPG or PNG.
    • Provide a short description of the image in the Caption field
  5. Enter Body Text
  • In the "Contact Information" box, add the user ID of the contact (if they exist in our faculty/staff directory), or add them in the format "Name|Job Title|E-mail." Note: the pipe key (|) is Shift+Backslash (the key above Enter/Return).
  • This format must be exact. If you do not want to include a job title (not recommended), it should be entered at "John Doe||"
  • Click Save
  • NOTE: The News Item is created but it does NOT appear anywhere on the website
  • To publish, click "State: Private" on the toolbar, and select Publish

Go to the home page to see this News Item. If the change does not appear, you can press Shift+Refresh.

Link to an External News Item

  1. On the green toolbar, click "Add new..." and select "News Item"
    • An Add News Item window will appear
  2. Enter the Title of the external news article
  • Note: Should typically match the title of the original article
  • Enter a short Summary from the article (1 or 2 sentences)
  • Note: Should typically match the description of the original article
  • Add lead image if one is available
  • Do not add body text (it will not be seen)
  • Scroll down the page to the "Article URL" field and enter the entire URL, including the http://
  • If you want the publish date to be different than the current date, go up to the gray bar and click on "Dates" in the publishiing date field, select the year, month and day you would like to appear.
  • Click Save
  • To publish, click "State: Private" on the toolbar, and select Publish.

Promoting Events with News Items

If your event is a Penn State Extension or college event, first add is as an "Event" to Cvent or Plone. You may also use a News Item to highlight an event, specifically a "save the date" or "registration deadline" message.

Note: Non-Penn State events should be added as a News Item and not to our Upcoming Event calendars.

You should also use News Items when promoting a non-Penn State event that may be of interest to your audience.

When adding a News Item to promote an event:

  1. Add a Title and Description to your News Item.
  2. Add the event website URL (Cvent or Plone) to the "External URL" field, if it is a Penn State event. Otherwise, add your content to the body text field promoting the event.
  3. Under the "Dates" button in the second top navigation bar, set an Expiration Date on your News Item. If you're promoting a registration deadline, set the expiration date to the deadline. If you're simply promoting the event, set the expiration date to the event's end date. The News Item will then disappear when it's no longer relevant.

Edit a News Item

  1. Navigate to the News Item that you want to edit
  2. Login to the site adding https:// before the URL (College and Department sites)
  3. On the toolbar click the Edit tab
  4. Make changes to the News Item
  5. When you are done, click Save
  6. Confirm that the page/link is published

Delete a News Item

  1. In the left navigation, click the News button
  2. In the right navigation, under Archive, click the current year
  3. On the toolbar click the Contents tab
  4. Check the box beside the News Item you need to delete (do not click on the title)
  5. At the bottom of the screen, click the Delete button