How to add a link to another event on your Upcoming Events calendar.

College and Department Websites

On your Upcoming Events list, if you would like to link to an existing event (e.g., an Event on or on another department's website) follow these instructions:

Note: It's important to follow these instructions and "link" to the original event, not duplicate the event on your website. Only one event should exist for search engine optimization.

  1. Login to your "Upcoming Events" page.
  2. On the green menu bar, select "Add new..." and click "Event"
  3. Add the Event Title and Description
  • Note : These should exactly match the Title and Description of the original event (the event that you are linking to)
  • Enter the Start and End dates (again matching the original event)
  • In the "Event URL" field, enter the URL of the event that you are linking to (must begin with "http://")
  • All other fields can be left blank since this will redirect to the original event.
  • Click the "Save" button at the bottom.
  • Important : On the green menu bar, click "Display" and select "Event Redirect View"
    • Note : when a visitor clicks on the event, they will be automatically redirected to the original event page
  • Publish the event: on the green menu bar, click "State" and select "Publish" or "Submit for Publication" if you have a review process