Plone Events allow for a map location to be entered. The Event Location then becomes a link to a Google map. This How To will give you steps to capture the Map To Location url.

  1. Go to this address:
  2. In the address link, enter the street address and city
  3. Click Search Maps (or press Enter)
  4. Confirm that the map is really the address you want (adjust as needed, zoom in, re-center, etc.)
  5. At the right corner, click Link (refer to picture) Link-button-google-map
  6. You will get the box at the right URL-google-map
  7. Click within the Paste link in email or IM box
  8. Press CTRL + C (copy)
  9. Return to your Plone site and the Event to which you would like to add this address
  10. Click in the Map To Location box
  11. Press CTRL + V (paste)
  12. Enter the other information for your event
  13. Be sure to click Save & Publish when needed