Sometimes it is necessary to re-order the items in a folder listing your website. Only folders (not collections) can be reordered in this way.

  1. Navigate to the folder with the content to be re-ordered
  2. Click the Contents tab
  3. Look at the left column in the table
  4. Grab (click and hold) the :: beside the item you want to move
  5. Drag it up or down, to the new location in the list and drop it
  6. Continue as needed until the correct order is created

Reorder items in folder

One thing to note is that you need to stay "inside the lines" of the column containing the ::. If you move the mouse pointer outside of that column, Plone loses track of it and additional reordering won't take effect.

One technique that makes re-ordering easier is to reposition one item at a time, and then click on the "Contents" tab again to refresh the view and verify the change.