Cut, copy, and paste operations involve moving one or more items from one folder to another. Moving items from one area to another arises when content is placed in the wrong folder.


This need arises when a content item is in the wrong folder. Your task is to move the item to a different location. The item is removed from the original folder and "placed" (pasted) in a new folder.

*note: when you cut/paste, Plone will redirect the link so there is no broken link. Also, the short name (URL) will stay the same.

In the image below, "template for extension flyers" does not belong. The other folder items relate to PowerPoint templates.

Wrong item in folder

Step 1: check the box next to the item that needs to be moved (cut)

Wrong item in folder - check box

Step 2: click on the "Cut" button located below the table.

Wrong item in folder - check box, cut

Step 3: Navigate to the correct folder and click the "Paste" button below the table


Item has been correctly moved from one folder to another.



A copy/paste operation is identical to the cut/paste operation, except that there is no removal of content from the original folder (meaning you have duplicate copies of the content).

If you paste the new item in the same original folder, the new item will have a different short name (URL). If the original item is called "records" the new item will be named "copy_of_records".