Typically, online content should not be provided in PDF format. Providing content in web/HTML format will be responsive, user-friendly, and accessible on any device.

Rather than automatically conforming to a customer's device (desktop computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.), a PDF will only appear in a format typically designed for an 8.5x11" piece of paper. And, they will see the PDF without any of the navigation or branding from our websites.

Mobile View of PDF versus Web Content

Mobile View of PDF Content

Here's an example of content that was uploaded as a PDF instead of converting to web content. Since this was added as a trifold brochure PDF, the content is displayed in six small, out-of-order pages. And, since it's not optimized for mobile, the customer will need to pinch and zoom to read the content.

Mobile View of PDF Content

Mobile View of Properly-Formatted Web Content

When content is added correctly to the college or Extension website, it is automatically optimized and re-sized for the customer's device. If you have a PDF brochure, the content from the brochure should be added in the Body Text field in Plone so it appears correctly online:

Mobile-Friendly Web Content

Benefits of Converting PDF Files to Web Content

There are many benefits to providing content online properly in web/HTML format (using our Plone content management system):

  • Better optimized for search engines
  • User friendly on all devices including mobile (mobile traffic is increasing every month)
  • Users can share content via social media
  • Can track visits and page views with Google Analytics
  • Much easier and faster to edit the content if necessary
  • Content is part of our website (rather than a separate file) which will provide seamless navigation, consistent branding, and opportunities for the user to explore other related content
  • Faster download times
  • Additional software is not needed to view the content (Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, etc.)
  • Content is accessible to users with disabilities

How to Convert PDF Content to Web

There is no automatic PDF-to-Plone converter. If your content only exists in PDF format, it will be a manual process to copy and paste text into Plone pages and to upload any images.

Tips for Converting PDFs to Plone Content

Contact the Web Services Team to assist with the conversion.

Providing Content in Both Web and PDF Format

There may be circumstances where we need to provide both PDF and Web formats. We have two solutions documented at Appropriate Uses of PDF or Other Files.