Introductory information about logging into the Plone college and department websites.

As of May 23, 2018, the method for logging in to Plone changed.

Note that this information pertains only to the college and department websites. For information on managing content in the Extension website, please see the Extension CMS how-to's.

Why did the login method change?

The previous method of logging into Plone involved changing the URL of the site from http:// to https:// in the address bar of your browser.

However, as the nature of the web has changed over the years, there is now an emphasis on providing a more secure browsing experience for our visitors.

To this end, the college's public-facing sites will be transitioning to https-only. This means that traffic will be encrypted between the visitor's browser and our server and the visitor's browser will show the "padlock icon" that you should see when visiting any e-commerce site. It will not require any login or authentication by our visitors.

As part of this transition, we can no longer use the "http/https" change as a way to log into Plone. The new method involves changing the domain from "[site]" to "edit.[site]", which will prompt you to authenticate through WebAccess (if required) but otherwise everything will work the same as before.

Logging In

To edit a Plone site, you must login using Penn State's Web Access.

  1. Using your browser, go to the web page on the Plone site that you would like to edit.
  2. Modify the web address by changing the domain from [site] to edit.[site] For example, you would change to in the address bar.
    URL Bar (New)
  3. If you have not already logged in through Penn State's WebAccess authentication, you should now see the WebAccess page which will allow you to login.
  4. After you successfully logged in, you will return to the web page. When you are logged in, two new areas will appear on your web page.

Logging Out

One of the easiest way to log out is to close your browser.

You can also log out by clicking the "Log out" link under your name in the Personal bar.

Viewing the "Public" site

Once you are logged in, you can switch from the "logged in" editing view to the "logged out" public view by changing domain in the web address from edit.[site] back to [site]

You may want to use multiple browser windows or tabs, with one for the editing view and another for the public view.