Embedding an MP3 Sound Clip in a Page

These are steps to upload an mp3 sound clip to the Penn State Box system, and embed that sound clip in a Plone page.

In addition to uploading and embedding the sound clip, you should also provide a transcript in the body of the page.

Upload to Box

  1. Go to Box at Penn State.

  2. Click the Login button.

  3. Click the Continue button under the Part of Penn State? heading.

  4. At the top left, click the Upload button.

  5. Select Files from the dropdown.

  6. Select the mp3 file from your computer using the file browser.

  7. Optionally, add a description. This is not displayed in the widget, but may be useful when looking at the file later.

  8. Click the Upload button in the pop-up.

  9. Wait for it to upload.

  10. After the file has finished uploading, hover over the filename in the file listing.

  11. Click the pencil icon to the right of the filename to edit the title.

  12. Change the title of the mp3 to what you want to show in the embedded widget.

  13. Click Save.

Make the file public

  1. In the Box file listing, to the right of the filename, click the word Share.

  2. In the dialog that pops up, click on People in this folder, and change it to People with the link

  3. Click the Close button.

Obtain the embed code

  1. In the Box file listing, to the right of the filename and the word Shared, click on the [...] menu button.

  2. Go to the Sharing option, and select Embed Widget

  3. In the Size dropdown, select Small

  4. In the Theme dropdown, select Light

  5. Copy the HTML code under the Embed Code section.

  6. Click the Close button

Add the embed code to Plone

  1. Use the instructions at Embedding a YouTube Video (beginning with the In Plone steps) to add the embed code.