These basic how-to's and best practices apply to all website content management regardless of the site or version of Plone you are using.

Using an Appropriate Browser

While the public side of the Plone websites are compatible with all browsers, you may experience issues when editing content using some browsers.

Logging In and Out

Introductory information about logging into the Plone college and department websites.

Writing and Formatting for the Web

Follow these best practices when writing and formatting the content of all web pages, news items, and events.

Sub-site Branding Standards

This article provides guidelines to determine the text of the header on AgSci Plone sites.

Plone: Working with Body Text and Creating Links

Throughout Plone you will find text editors that are used to enter information. You can format the text using a toolbar similar to the one shown below. This toolbar contains buttons that provide text styling, list formatting, and the addition of images, links, emails, and tables.

Plone: Re-order Contents in a Folder

Sometimes it is necessary to re-order the items in a folder listing your website. Only folders (not collections) can be reordered in this way.

Plone: Rename a Folder or Page

Sometimes it is necessary to re-name a page or folder on your website. Not all folders or pages can be re-named but you can try by following these steps.

Plone: Cutting, Copying and Pasting Items

Cut, copy, and paste operations involve moving one or more items from one folder to another. Moving items from one area to another arises when content is placed in the wrong folder.

Appropriate Use Of The "Short Name" Field

The "Short Name" field in Plone sets the URL segment for the current page/folder. This field is automatically set when the page is created, and usually does not need to be modified.

Links Versus Content

Should I manage a collection of links to related content on my site?

Choosing appropriate text for a hyperlink

Meaningful link text makes pages more friendly for visitors and search engines.

Embedding a YouTube Video

You can include ("embed") a YouTube video in a Plone page as part of your content.

Working with PDF Files