A general overview of the basic content types (folder, link and page) used in your College (Agsci) website and who has responsibility to update.

Content Types

Type Description Responsibility
Collection A select set of items based on criteria. Directory listings, news, and spotlight items are common collections. Ag Communications
Event This content type will be found within an "Upcoming Events" folder. Includes start date, time, location, and more. Content owner
File Document that supports your program or operation. Includes PDFs, Word Documents, and spreadsheets. Use sparingly. Content owner
Folder Organizes multiple items together in a section. Content owner
Form Simple web-based form to collect information from a user or potential customer Ag Communications
Image content type used for uploading image files (JPG or PNG preferred) to be used on pages. Images are added to an "images" folder. Content owner
Link Also called "Link object". This content type is used to link to an external website. A link object is a stand-alone item added to a folder. Content owner
News item Used for posting timely information. Will only be found within a News folder Content owner
Page Presents text, images, links, and other information about a specific topic Content owner
Person profile Profile page in the college directory to present your contact info, biography, expertise, and more. Individual
Photo folder This content type displays a group of images in a film strip layout. Examples of a photo folder include an event summary or step-by-step photographic procedures on how to do something. Note: photo folders DO NOT show up in the navigation Content owner

Adding content

New content items are added via the drop down menu that appears when you click the "Add new..." tab in the left tool bar.


Adding content in Plone is done placefully. This means you must navigate to the section of your Plone website that you wish the new content to reside before you use the **Add New . . .* drop-down menu.