Instructions for adding to or editing news items in Plone.

News Items should be time sensitive content. Use a News Item when you are:

  • Adding an original news article that you have created.
  • Linking to news or an article on another site (see Link to an External News Item below).
  • Promoting an event with a "Save the Date" or "Registration Deadline is this Friday" message. Also used for promoting non-college (and/or non-Penn State) events.

Adding News

  • Log into your Plone website
  • Navigate to your News folder (Latest News is the title)
  • In the left tool bar, click the "Add new..." button, choose News Item.


Once the News item window appears


  1. Enter a Title (required)
  2. Enter a short summary (1-2 sentences)
  3. Enter an image - this is optional (but recommended). In the Lead Image area, click "Browse" to include a photograph in the News Item
    • Images should be roughly square in dimension (can be cropped horizontally). Avoid portrait/vertical images. See the image on this site for an example.
    • When a visitor to your website clicks the image, they will be shown the original, larger view. TIP: For best viewing of the larger image, images should be sized to approximately 1000 x 750. (3:2)
    • Image should be no bigger than 400kb. (an average image will be between 60-120kb)
    • Image should be a photograph saved as either a JPG or PNG.(other formats will not be accepted)
    • Provide a short description of the image in the Caption field. Provide source credit of the photo. (example: Credit: John Smith, Penn State Extension)
  4. Enter Body Text (or link URL for outside source).
    • Body text: add content and then format using body text tool bar.
    • Linking to an external news item (ex. Penn State Live): instead of adding body text, scroll down the page to "Article URL" field and enter the entire URL, including the https://. If promoting an event, you would add the event website URL to the article URL field
  5. Click Save (bottom of page)
  6. to publish, click "State: Private" in the left toolbar, and select Publish

Editing a News Item

  1. Navigate to the News Item that you want to edit
  2. Login to the site adding https:// before the URL
  3. On the toolbar click the Edit tab
  4. Make changes to the News Item
  5. When you are done, click Save
  6. Confirm that the page/link is published

Other features

  • Setting an Expiration date - for dated information, you want the news item to disappear once the date has passed. Under the "Dates" tab in the top navigation bar, select a date time "AFTER" the event has occurred. For example, if we are promoting a webinar that takes place September 1 @ 1 pm (for an hour), the expiration date/time must be at set at September 1 @ 2pm (or later)

  • Add contact information - who created/who contributed to this content. Under the "Ownership" tab in the top navigation bar, you will have two text boxes: Creators and Contributors
    • Creators - must be in the College Faculty/Staff Directory. Add the user ID or name (first and last) of the person to the text box. As you start typing in the box, the system will pull IDs or names for you to choose from. Select the appropriate choice.

      ownership-select name.jpg
    • Contributors - person can be in the college (use their user ID) or a Non-college person.

    • Non-college person is added using this format: "Name|Job Title|E-mail." Note: the pipe key (|) is Shift+Backslash (the key above Enter/Return). This format must be exact. If you do not want to include a job title (not recommended), it should be entered at "John Doe||"

Note: Creator and contributor names DO NOT show up on the public page.