Basic information about logging into Plone college ( websites.

Logging in to Plone

To Edit a Plone website, you must login using Penn State's Web Access.

  • Open web browser - Using Firefox browser, go to the webpage on the Plone website that you would like to edit
  • Add "edit" - Modify the web address by adding “edit” to the URL of the section or page you need to manage. for example, you would change to in the address bar.


  • WebAccess - You will be prompted to log in to Penn State's WebAccess authentication, if not already verified.


  • Plone view - After successfully logging in, you will see a new toolbar on the left-hand side of the web page.


Logging out

In the left hand (black) tool bar, scroll down to the bottom and click on your name and then select "Log Out".


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