Learn how to log in to Plone and edit your personal profile information on the website.

Browser: we've found that editing in Plone works best when using Firefox Browser.

Finding your directory entry

You have permissions to edit your directory entry within a Plone site.

First, find the directory on your site, which is usually located at "/directory" after the main Web address (e.g. https://agsci.psu.edu/directory).

Scroll down the list, find your name, and click it. You should now see your full profile page.

Logging into Plone

Next, log into Plone by including 'edit.' before agsci in the URL and hitting Enter. (example: https://edit.agsci.psu.edu/directory/xyz123)

After logging in, you should be presented with your profile page again, but now you should also see the left tool bar with the option to edit your profile.


Updating Your Information

Once you click the Edit tab in the left bar. the "Edit Person" will open

There are four screens to edit. Note that some screens and details are optional, such as the Social Media connections. The four screens are as follows:

  1. Default (Penn State ID, first name and last name)
  2. Contact Information (email, office address, phone number)
  3. Professional Information (job title, short biography, full biography, expertise, education) 
  4. Social Media 

1. Default Screen


2. Contact information screen


3. Professional information

(top half of the screen)


(bottom half on the Professional Information screen)


Job Title(s)

You may have more than one job title. Enter one per line, with the first line being your primary title.


The full biography displays on your profile page and should contain pertinent information about your professional career.

Short Biography

Use this field to highlight your focus areas or a short statement about your role. When a team directory listing has enabled the short biography to display, then this information will be visible. See Human Resources or Development for examples.


Enter your higher education history, one per line. 

CV File

Upload a PDF of your CV to have available to download from your profile page, if desired.


Do you have a research lab website or blog that your maintain? Add links in the Websites field to display on your profile.

Areas of Expertise

List one per line your areas of expertise. This will show in directory listings as well as on your profile page.

4. Social Media

If you are active on social media, add links here to display on your profile page.