Extension CMS

Here you will find information for managing products for the Extension website and related programs, such as Pennsylvania 4-H, Better Kid Care, and the Master Gardener Program.

Plone Basics

While the public side of the Plone websites are compatible with all browsers, you may experience issues when editing content using some browsers.

Introductory information about logging into the Plone college and department websites.

Follow these best practices when writing and formatting the content of all web pages, news items, and events.

Throughout Plone you will find text editors that are used to enter information. You can format the text using a toolbar similar to the one shown below. This toolbar contains buttons that provide text styling, list formatting, and the addition of images, links, emails, and tables.

A general overview of how to add basic content types to your College or Department Plone website. In technical terms, content means text (pages or folders), images, files (pdfs, spreadsheets) and links.

Sometimes it is necessary to re-order the items in a folder listing your website. Only folders (not collections) can be reordered in this way.

Cut, copy, and paste operations involve moving one or more items from one folder to another. Moving items from one area to another arises when content is placed in the wrong folder.

Sometimes it is necessary to re-name a page or folder on your website. Not all folders or pages can be re-named but you can try by following these steps.

The Spotlight area on your home page contains an alphabetized list of news items or news links that you want to highlight for a period of time. You add a spotlight item in very much the same way as a News Item or News Link but you need to place it in the Spotlight folder.

A tutorial (including a link to a screencast) about inserting tables in the Plone text Editor

This article provides guidelines to determine the text of the header on AgSci Plone sites.

Should I manage a collection of links to related content on my site?

Meaningful link text makes pages more friendly for visitors and search engines.

Instructions for obtaining a Friends of Penn State account for individuals who are not directly affiliated with the University. A FPS account allows a person to have secure access to selected systems and services at Penn State.

You can include ("embed") a YouTube video in a Plone page as part of your content.

These are steps to upload an mp3 sound clip to the Penn State Box system, and embed that sound clip in a Plone page.

This article details the information architecture of a standard AgSci Plone site. It describes the purpose of each major area, and presents the standards for that area.

The "Short Name" field in Plone sets the URL segment for the current page/folder. This field is automatically set when the page is created, and usually does not need to be modified.

Working with PDF Files

Converting PDFs to Plone content can be challenging the first few times. These are a few tips that cover the basic conversion process.

Typically, online content should not be provided in PDF format. Providing content in web/HTML format will be responsive, user-friendly, and accessible on any device.

Online content should not typically be provided in PDF format, but there are still a limited number of circumstances when a PDF file is needed.

When is it appropriate to use a page instead of a PDF?

When is it appropriate to use a PDF, and when should a page be used instead?

News Items

Instructions to add your own News Items to Plone or link to external news.

Instructions on how to create and distribute a newsletter of your website news via email. These instructions are for Plone (College, Department, or 4-H) websites only.

College/Department Events

How to add an Event, a future occurrence with a specific date and time, to the college or Department websites.

Plone Events allow for a map location to be entered. The Event Location then becomes a link to a Google map. This How To will give you steps to capture the Map To Location url.

How to add a link to another event on your Upcoming Events calendar.

If an event is canceled, you can configure it to display a message in event listings and on the event itself. This applies to events listed on the College and Department websites.

Directories and Personal Profiles

This page will explain how to log in and edit your Plone faculty/staff directory information.

There are different ways to manage how people show up in Plone directories in the college sites.

Instructions to assign your research areas and add specific areas of expertise to your personal profile.