Developing an online course is a collaborative experience between Extension educators and faculty, and the Digital Education Team.

The table below explains the roles and responsibilities.

Educator / Faculty Digital Education Team
Subject-matter expert Online education, design, and writing experts
Participate in course development phases. Guide educator through course development phases.

Provide existing content.

Create new content.

Draft section document, incorporating education/writing best practices

  • Include text, video storyboards, images, graphics, handouts, quiz questions.
  • Design for accessibility/copyright compliance.
  • Online learning best practices

Review section documents.

  • Check that content is accurate.
  • Answer content questions.
  • Add additional content as requested.
  • Provide feedback about organization and content as needed.
Provide images and graphics as needed.

Finalize section document.

  • Revise based on educator feedback.
  • Clarify any confusion or further questions with educator.
Finalize video scripts and visual elements.

Record videos and narration.

Review videos and multimedia.
Facilitate and complete multimedia tasks and elements (e.g. videos, handouts).

Review course in Open edX.

Check that content is accurate.

Build course in Open edX.

Copyedit course and check for quality assurance.

Work with Ag Comm and Marketing unit for registration and reporting needs.

Coordinate implementation of registration and reporting needs.

Publish course to Extension website.