Extension marketing should be designed to reach a targeted audience, in the manner they have chosen to receive it. With Salesforce as our system of record, and advanced technology available, we no longer conduct mass marketing to large or private audiences.


Marketing can be a crucial element in the success of your services, resources, workshops, conferences, meetings, or training events. Marketing to the right audience can make or break attendance and interest, and when done correctly, it gives you a better opportunity to engage and connect with more people. Also, the customer has the ability to tell us what they are interested in receiving in the form of areas of interest (AOI) selections. These selections should be the primary criteria for determining what information they receive, and further targeting can occur from there. Using a targeted list of individuals who are actively interested in your area of expertise can increase engagement exponentially. Ag Communications and Marketing is here to help!

How do I do this?

To get started, think about the event, service, or resource you are trying to promote critically -- think about the subject matter, format, the time/day, location, venue, additional speakers, and anything else that might help you focus on who your audience could be. Ask yourself questions such as; Why are you having the event? What is the goal of this resource, and whom do you hope to interact with? You should start by making a list that includes the types of individuals who:

  • Have told us they have an interest in the subject matter, and could benefit from the additional information
  • Will be required to attend or use this information (ex: certification necessary)
  • May engage based on past interaction with your team or Extension
  • Are most likely to attend based on location, industry, time of day, registration type, etc.
  • Will not or should not attend for any reason (too far to drive, pre-requisites, management level)
  • Would use the information based on knowledge use; commercial or homeowner?

Remember, it is important to start with a description of the person you want to attend or use your product or service, not just a name. This description can be used to develop a sort of customer persona. Remember to think of people across ALL of Extension. Are there folks outside the team's immediate areas of expertise who could also benefit from receiving this information? For example, could a dairy farmer or HACCP quality manager be interested in a water quality event? What about a homeowner or forester? Each piece of the audience criteria is a segment.

Specific Example

You're planning the Arborist Short Course and need to build an audience. The segments you recommend pulling from Salesforce could be:Areas of Interest: Trees & Shrubs, Ornamentals & Floriculture, Urban and Community Forestry

  • Areas of Interest: Trees & Shrubs, Ornamentals & Floriculture, Urban and Community Forestry
  • Primary Industries: Forestry & Logging, Landscaping, Greenhouses & Nurseries
  • Sub-Industries: Urban & Community Forestry, Trees, Shrubs & Ornamentals
  • Job Titles: Arborist, Specialist, Technician, Consultant, Crew Boss, Manager
  • Sectors: Public, Private, Non-profit, Institutional
  • Radius: 50 miles of Zipcode 18612
  • Exclusion: Has already attended the course in the past

These segments just became the starting criteria for your audience list! Any individual who meets the criteria will be included unless they also meet the exclusion criterion.

This is the information that should be used within Salesforce to create a Salesforce campaign audience for the event. These will also be added to the Marketing Cloud information to create a comprehensive marketing campaign audience.

Once segments are created they can be selected and submitted for event marketing via the event request form.

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