A publication could be as simple as a pamphlet, or as complex as a several hundred page manual. Publications could be hard copy or digital products.

Publications range from simple postcards, to single- or multiple-page flyers and fact sheets, to several-hundred-page production guides and manuals.

Publications may be available in hard copy or online, and can include tables, figures, pictures, and illustrations. These materials are developed by extension educators, departmental or project teams, and subject matter experts.

All manuscripts submitted for publication undergo full production, which includes professional editing, design, and printer contracting.

For a more specific outline of the production process, see Production Roles and Responsibilities.

Publications Are

  • Content rich, unbiased, educational reference materials
  • Evidence based reports for specific technical subjects
  • Written by educators, teams, and subject matter experts
  • Available in a variety of formats

To see examples, visit the Publications website.