Online training courses can be built by bundling existing content from other product lines into a focused learning experience, or developed with entirely new content generated by faculty and educators. Training will be delivered through a learning management system designed for ease of use by customers and provide the necessary tools to create a robust educational experience.

Online Courses

  • Are focused around specific learning objectives
  • Are more than just a series of videos
  • Provide comprehensive training
  • May include quizzes, surveys, tests, grade book, homework, or instructor engagement as necessary


Below is a screenshot of an online training course, outlining sections and learning modules of a complete online course experience.

Screenshot of Online Training Website
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Below is an training video, which is an example of a learning module that would reside within a section of an online training course.

Ready to Get Started?

See our Online Course Planning Guide.

For an outline of the production process, see Production Roles and Responsibilities.

Online Course Planning Guide