Online courses can be built by bundling existing content from other product lines into a focused learning experience, or developed with entirely new content generated by faculty and educators. Online courses are delivered through a learning management system designed for ease of use by customers and provide the necessary tools to create a robust educational experience.

Learning Online with Penn State Extension

Online courses meet the needs of today's learners by offering learning opportunities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Extension online courses:

  • Offer guided learning experiences designed to teach learners specific tasks or information.
  • Meet specific learning outcomes.
  • Are limited in scope; they could be 30-minutes or the equivalent of a multiday workshop.
  • Are asynchronous / self-paced; learners pace themselves through the course content.
  • May offer continuing education credits or certification when necessary.
Online Course Development Process

Learn more about the anatomy of an online course for Penn State Extension. This resource also includes details about the development process, and the roles and responsibilities involved in producing a course.