The Penn State Extension site allows for the robust delivery of news and other time sensitive information. News items are relevant and timely information that is not considered "evergreen."

Ag Communications will regularly review extension news items and help to define criteria for development of stories and messages. This will assist in guiding faculty, educators, and staff in making decisions on how to develop and post news to the site.

In general, news items will follow these guidelines:

Content Criteria for Organizational News

  • Stories/research with state, nation, or world-wide relevance
  • Shows significant financial implications
  • Important alerts-- disease, pest, weather or other time sensitive information, even if they are not state-wide
  • New product coverage
  • Extension employee profiles if they reflect meaningful engagement with communities, people and businesses
  • Awards/grants won that reflect broad organizational engagement on strategic topics
  • Promotion/coverage of events with wide appeal, for example Ag Progress Days, Farm Show, statewide or national conferences, etc

Content Criteria for Team News

  • Stories that offer insight and understanding on educational programs
  • Opinion pieces that reflect on new technologies, processes, products or opportunities relevant to team educational goals
  • Any top-level news tagged within an educational subject area
  • Niche information within research or educational topics
  • Reflections on industry-specific research
  • Research not within given industry, but with potential, stated implication for that research area
  • Promotion/coverage of industry-specific events

Content Criteria for County-level News

  • Generally, news originates at the organizational or team level and is tagged to appear on a county page
  • Personnel stories (hirings, retirements, etc) would appear on a team site and tagged to a county only if that story has direct relevance to an educational program or initiative. HR announcements would not appear on the website.
  • There may be occasions where a county-specific news item or alert is needed but generally, these still would originate with a team

Form and Style for Team News

  • Stories posted in the news section should be timely and related to emerging issues or to specific educational initiatives.
  • Stories should be at least three paragraphs and not less than 250 words
  • Stories should follow SEO best practices for titles, keywords, and metadata
  • Text should fully explain the value of any backlinks appearing in a news story
  • Tagging with county location should be made where appropriate
  • Generally, no evergreen, marketing, or promotional stories should appear in the team news area