Learn Now Videos

Learn Now videos allow you to transform your PowerPoint presentations and other visual and audio content into short, narrated videos to help your customers learn in an easy, appealing way.

Highlight Video: Spotted Lanternfly Identification and Life Cycle

The Spotted Lanternfly Identification and Life Cycle video produced by Emelie Swackhamer is a great example of how you can use a Learn Now video to deliver specific ideas and visual information to your customers.

Emelie shared that the horticulture team receives hundreds of phone calls about the spotted lanternfly. While many residents in the affected area are aware of this potential pest and want to help in the effort to contain and possibly eradicate it, she saw the need for an accessible way for people to learn how to recognize it in all its life stages. Proper identification of the pest and effective destruction of egg masses, nymphs, and adults is critical to the eradication effort. This video product is an effective way to meet that goal.

As you think about your own work and educational programs how might a Learn Now video help you meet a goal?

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More Information:

The Communications and Marketing team provides tools, software, and training to quickly create and produce a Learn Now video on almost any topic. Generally, these products are ten minutes in length or less.

For an outline of the production process, see Production Roles and Responsibilities.

For details about how to create a Learn Now video, visit the Learn Now Process Guide.

Learn Now Videos Are:

  • An alternative to in-person delivery
  • Segmented pieces of content, by topic
  • Typically 10 minutes or less
  • Self-recorded presentations